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Using Unexpected Vases for Flower Arrangements

Vases are a topic I’ll talk about more in the coming months, since I love a good vase collection almost as much as I love the flowers that go in the vase! I am often asked where I got a certain vase, and I am often in a conundrum about parting with a vase instead of selling the bouquet in a trending, practical Mason jar.

Mason jars are useful, and a great backdrop for your arrangements. They don’t solicit sentimental responses, but they can help create a very sentimental bouquet. Don’t doubt the power or the practicality, of a Mason jar. However, once you start scouring secondhand stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and yard sales, you will build up a vase collection that will take your arrangements to another level.

Right now, I am on a kick of arranging in gravy dishes. Their shape lends a gravy dish to low, far-stretching arrangements. Ideal for centerpieces (you can see your friend directly across the table without sitting on a few pillows to give you added height to see over a too-tall bouquet) or ideal for quiet highlights on a tabletop or bookshelf, keep your eye out for gravy dishes in the secondhand stores. Maybe you have one you saved from your grandmother. Don’t leave it tucked away ‘til Thanksgiving Dinner – use it regularly and it will grow in its value to you.

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