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Make Scents' Plant Story


Sharing plant stories, gardening experiences and all 'round cool things about horticulture is what MAKE SCENTS is all about. Starting with plant memories from childhood - riding the Santa Fe Super Chief train from Kansas City to Bakersfield, CA, and watching fields and fields and acre upon acre mile after mile of wheat and sunflowers. Wheat, at the train's speed, moved like velvet, when you brush it one direction then the other. Sunflowers are a true heart beat of a flower for me, and the National Garden Bureau's Annual Plant of the Year 2021, so watch for sunflowers this year! (And book recommendation about sunflowers, and a great read for history fans, hort buffs and you, is Sunflowers by Joe Pappalardo. Did I mention I write book reviews for several organizations and would love to review your book?)

Teenage years plant memory = tie for this one. Either fields and fields of mustard growing naturally in the vineyards of Napa Valley OR living near the great redwood forests and being able to drive to the giant sequoias you may have read about in The Wild Trees: A story of Passion and Daring by Richard Preston. (another recommendation!)

Adult years' major plant memory would be spending my birthday, which is the height of tulip blossom time, at Keukenhof, tulip gardens in the Netherlands. Or maybe seeing vast expanses of peat and heather in Scotland. 

And all the plant memories in between lead to having a flower cutting garden and business for cut flowers and bespoke bouquets (and summer subscriptions, more on those later.) Hearing people comment on the flowers, or buy bouquets, or, best of all, share their plant memories while they cruise through our stand at a farmer's market is so rewarding and energizing. 

That's the gist of Make Scents and plant memories which all contributed to our flowers, gardens and business today. Join me in sharing and learning together - You have memories, goals and plant dreams to share! Let's get together!

- Cris Blackstone,
Owner, Make Scents

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