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Tip of the Week: March 8, 2021

Really read your seed packet! They look so tiny. How can these tiny seeds end up filling a raised bed, a few rows in a garden plot, or be so rich and colorful in a container on the patio? Better still, really read the information in the catalog you’re ordering seeds from. Buying in person? Then ask the garden center experts more about the seeds you’re buying.

There is so much information about the seeds and their plants that will help you plan and help you feel as much excitement about the plants as you do now with the seed packet in your hand. For example, what is the germination rate of the seeds? If there are fifty seeds in the package, how many are likely to grow to viable plants? Every plant represents time you spend caring for it, from the germination process and the gentle misting it may need, to the plot being prepared to transplant the young version of what it is destined to become.

Make sure you are ready for multiple plants of a certain type – how many peppers do you need or want? Talk up your garden hobby with friends and see if there are plants you’d like to grow that someone else will like, too, and consider splitting seeds in a packet with a friend.

Follow the spacing recommendations. While the seeds look tiny, remember the experts have packaged them up and are giving you top-notch information you need to be successful. One of the most common problems I hear about is plants didn’t perform the way the gardener expected and upon investigation, sometimes it’s because they were overcrowding the plants with incorrect spacing that would allow air circulation, let alone the way the plant would evolve over time.

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